Who We Are

The Friends was inaugurated on 8 March 1982 to achieve three Objectives in-co-operation with the Parochial Church Council of St Chad's Church, Shrewsbury [the PCC]:
a. in the preservation, adornment and general maintenance of St Chad's Church;
b. in the repair of fabric, furnishings and ornaments; and
c. in promoting public interest in the building, its history and cultural activities.

Whereas the future of St Chad's Church is best assured by its continued use as a place of worship, the purposes of The Friends of St Chad's, an independent charity, are more temporal than spiritual. Our aim is to encourage links between all who share an interest in and support St Chad’s as an iconic and unique Georgian building in Georgian Shrewsbury.

Our Mission

Our Mission is therefore to raise funds for the material upkeep of the church, rather than for its religious activities, from anyone who (like us) admires and values St Chad’s Church and does not want it to fall into disrepair.

Our independence ensures that this aim cannot be overridden


The Friends fundraise constantly, notably during the Shrewsbury Flower Show and at the St Chad's Christmas Tree Festival. Other events including lectures, are listed on our website.

Old buildings, like St Chad’s, need constant maintenance to ensure that they survive for future generations to enjoy. Unlike national monuments, churches rarely receive government funding.

The Friends will continue the work to preserve, enhance and conserve the building for the next 200 years. There is always much to do, and so much The Friends plan to do - so come and join us!

How The Friends' Fundraising Has Supported The Church

Since its inauguration, the Friends have made grants for the ongoing repairs in excess of 100,000 pounds. In recent years the Friends have paid for restoration to one of the stained-glass windows and have provided a state-of-the-art PA system to improve the sound quality - from Services to concerts to school Speech Days; a new organ pipe dehumidifier and making the building more user-friendly.


Membership is open to all those who wish to support the Objects of The Friends.
We also look to increase a wider knowledge of our work through social meetings, events and a regular Newsletter, communicating wherever possible electronically.
Friends are invited to the AGM as well as a number of fund-raising events throughout the year - which are advertised on the Friends' facebook page

Personal Membership may either be Annual, by subscription, or Life Membership by a single payment.
The Friends have a Corporate Membership for Companies who wish to help our work to preserve, enhance and conserve the building for the next 200 years.
Application Forms are available:

in the Church

on request from the Membership Secretary - membersec@thefriendsofstchadsshrewsbury.uk

by writing to The Membership Secretary - The Friends of St Chad's, 1 St Chad’s Terrace, Shrewsbury SY1 1JX

We would ask that if you are eligible to Gift Aid your donation to do so - Gift Aid boosts your donation by 25 pence for every 1 pound you donate - at no additional cost to you.

The Memorial Fund

The Memorial Fund is an integral part of The Friends of St Chad's.

An extract from The Friends' Constitution "The Charity, wishing to provide for the future preservation, adornment and maintenance of the building and for the repair of the fabric, has established a Memorial Fund as a permanent endowment to be held in perpetuity. Any monies [including donations, legacies and grants] paid directly to the Memorial Fund shall be held in deposits and investments separate from the other funds in the Charity and shall be shown in the Charity's Accounts as Restricted Funds." The Fund looks to obtaining legacies and other donations allowing safe investment in reputable Charitable institutions.

The original donation remains; only the interest is used to keep the church building intact. The Memorial Fund particularly has helped meet the cost of repairs to the portico, nave roof, to the tower and tower pilaster.

Lifetime donations, augmented by Gift Aid, and legacies will mean that your money will allow long-term maintenance of this beautiful building and will be an ongoing memorial for the future. If you would like to leave a bequest to The Friends of St Chad's Shrewsbury's Memorial Fund, you should seek professional advice. The following form of bequest is suggested:

"I give free of inheritance tax the sum of £.......... (sum in numbers)£.................... (sum in words) to The Friends of St Chad's Shrewsbury [Registered Charity Number 512994] of 1 St Chad's Terrace, Shrewsbury SY1 1JX for its Memorial Fund and I declare that the receipt of the Hon. Treasurer for the time being of said Charity shall be good and sufficient discharge for the same."

The Memorial Book, in the Nave, records the names of those who have made a donation, a bequest or in whose memory a donation has been made to the Memorial Fund. Names of loved ones can be inscribed in the Memorial Book for a minimum donation of £100. Cheques etc. should be made payable to:

The Friends of St Chad's Shrewsbury - Memorial Fund.


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